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Glo' Up Turmeric Kojic Goat Milk Soap

$9.99 $12.99

Get your glow back with our Turmeric Soap! Worried about dark spots on your face, back, or inner thighs? Don't worry!

Our best-selling turmeric soap is back in stock after helping over 2,000 customers.  We've packed it with high-quality natural ingredients that do wonders. Specifically made for melanin-rich skin, it works to brighten dark spots in less than 30 days.

  • Here's what you can expect from this soap:

    ☀️ Brighter and more even skin tone

    🧴 Deep moisturization and rejuvenation

    🌷 A delightful fragrance from head to toe

  • Each order includes one bar of this fantastic soap, and here's why you'll love it:

    🌱 Vegan-friendly

    🌿 Free from parabens and sulfates

    ✨ Offers anti-inflammatory benefits

    ✨ Helps with acne, dark spots, and discoloration

    ❤️ Won't clog your pores (non-comedogenic)

    Plus, it's suitable for both your face and body. Get ready to enjoy healthier, glowing skin! 🌟

 Our customers in the photos used our Turmeric Soap and Tea Tree Acne Serum for 3-4 weeks to achieve these results. Fewer breakouts and dark spots + their skin is glowing!

Keep in mind, all skin is different. RESULTS MAY VARY.

Size: 4.5oz

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