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DIY Radiant Skin - A Step by Step Guide to Crafting Customized Facial Serums

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Unlock the secret to glowing skin with our DIY facial serum guide. Create customized and effective formulas at home! Tired of buying expensive serums that don't work for your skin type? Ever want to know how to make your own facial oils and serums? Welp, look no further, we got you covered.

Our step-by-step instructions will help you formulate your own oils in the comfort of your own home and includes the materials needed, where to buy, and recommendations as well. Creating your own facial oil is rather simple and is a great natural alternative to using store-bought products that are full of chemicals.

We all know our skin better than most, so why not make our own creations that will help us reach our skincare goals while saving money too?


Materials Needed + Amazon links and the wholesale supplier I use for bulk products!

Skin benefits of organic and essential oils

Recommendations for types of carrier oils and essential oils to use by skin type.

Facial Serum Recipes for Every Skin Type

Step-by-step instructions on how to formulate your facial oil.

Includes Skincare Planners, Skincare Checklists and Recipe Cards, Skin Types Explained and More!

-Depending on your monitor and as well as the printer, the color output may vary slightly.
-Use Adobe Acrobat Reader and print without borders for best results.
-Your order contains print-ready versions & 1 PDF file with details on materials needed and a set of instructions
- Print them from home or your local printing shop at your convenience!

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