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Top 5 Girl's Trip Destinations for 2020

If you’re looking for some travel inspiration sis, then grab a pen and a pad, because these destinations are where Black women lived their best lives this past year, and hopefully it will inspire you to live yours too.

1. India

Black Woman in India

Photo Credit: @asiyami_gold

If you're looking to head to India in 2020, October through early spring are the best times to visit, with the chance to check the colorful festival of Holi off your bucket list in March.

2. Haiti

Black Girls in Haiti


Whoever told you Haiti shouldn't be at the top of your travel list lied.

November through March is typically the best time to experience the island's vibrant culture. Book with companies like Haitian Nomad and Haiti Got It, who specialize in showing you the side of Haiti you won't see on the news.

3. Egypt

Black Girl Jumping in Front of Pyramids


Egypt has us jumping for joy this year, but who wouldn't be joyful at the chance to walk in the footsteps of our ancestral kings and queens? Visit the sacred pyramids between October and April when the weather is most pleasant, and stay at the Mena House Cairo for rooms with great pyramid views.

4. France

Black Girl in Front of Eiffel Tower


France is home to the city of love, so that must be why Black women were loving themselves all over the country. From the champagne region to the lavender fields of Provence, and back, Black women laughed, loved and lived their best lives. Budget airlines like WOW and Norwegian offer affordable flights to Paris year round.

5. Greece

Black Girl in Santorini Greece

The best time to visit the islands is typically April through September, but note that the summer months are peak season, and prices for accommodations will be higher. If you're looking to have a moment in one of those gorgeous dresses you see everyone wearing, then the Santorini Dress is what you need.

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