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Should Tampons Be Free? | Sweet Nectar Beauty

Should Tampons Be Free?

Quick question: The last time you went into a public restroom or a bathroom at school or work, how much did you pay for the toilet paper you used?

Allow me to answer: You paid nothing. It would probably never occur to you to tote around a spare roll of toilet paper in case you have to use the restroom while you’re away from home, right?

Tampons Should Be Free

According to Kramer’s research, it costs about $4.67 per female student or employee to provide free sanitary products annually. “In other words, for less than a fancy cup of coffee, you can supply a woman with supplies for a year,” she said.

While no one thinks twice about the cost of stocking restrooms with toilet paper and soap and hand towels, feminine products are considered a luxury. We live in a BYOTampon world.

That’s one more added stress and expense in a woman’s life that men simply never have to experience. Women must scramble to ensure they’re covered. Some use a single tampon or pad for too long because they don’t have extras or can’t afford them, causing medical difficulties. Others wad up a bunch of toilet paper and wing it. Many women on public assistance cannot afford to buy these products. For homeless women, having their period is even more stressful.

What do you think? Should tampons be free? Comment below we would love to hear your thoughts!

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